Taking Chances Tour DVDs Have Sold Over 750,000 Copies

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The CD / DVD “Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert”  and “Celine: Through the Eyes of the World” are by this time to celebrate three months on sale in most countries.It’s time to take stock.

Maximum Positions:

The DVD of the documentary was a huge success to get to first place in four countries and not only reached primero place in the U.S. because the other release of Celine Dion occupied this place. Moreover, the only country not reached the top 10 was in Spain.

As for the CD / DVD of the concert, there were countries where it was included in the top of the albums and others where it was included in the top five countries of DVDs in the first place where he was included in the top of the album as DVDs, best positions were achieved South Korea, France and the UK.

Taking Chances World Tour:
The Concert
# 1 – USA
# 1 – Switzerland
# 1 – Ireland
# 1 – Greece (international chart)
# 1 – Japan (international chart)
# 2 – Canada (summer in French)
# 2 – Finland
# 2 – South Korea (international chart)
# 3 – Canada (English version)
# 3 – Austria
# 3 – Germany
# 4 – Sweden
# 4 – Australia
# 5 – France
# 6 – Spain
# 11 – United Kingdom
# 11 – Netherlands
# 11 – Belgium (Wallonia)
# 18 – New Zealand
# 24 – Portugal
# 29 – Italy
# 30 – Mexico
# 30 – Belgium (Flanders)
Through the Eyes of the World
# 1 – Canada
# 1 – Belgium (Wallonia)
# 1 – Belgium (Flanders)
# 1 – United Kingdom
# 2 – France
# 2 – Netherlands
# 2 – Australia
# 2 – New Zealand
# 2 – USA
# 2 – South Africa
# 2 – Sweden
# 3 – Denmark
# 3 – Hungary
# 4 – Italy
# 5 – Switzerland
# 5 – Ireland
# 5 – Czech Republic
# 6 – Germany
# 7 – Finland
# 8 – Austria
# 8 – Portugal
# 17 – Spain


The highlight of the sales goes to Canada. The two releases together sold 127,000 copies its first week in the country, a record for music DVDs. It is estimated that each of the releases have sold worldwide about 385,000 copies, which gives 770,000 for the two together. It is estimated that the two have sold over 10,000 copies in eight countries.

320,000 – Canada
115 000 – USA
45 000 – France
45,000 – UK
15 000 – Australia
12,000 – Belgium
11,000 – Germany
10,000 – Brazil

Through the Eyes of the World is certified 2x Diamond in Canada and Gold in Australia and the United States. The Concert is hard Diamond Platinum in Canada and the USA.

After three months, the entries remain in the charts in U.S., Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico. If the two releases were a single, more than 750 000 copies sold would make it the best selling music DVD of the year by a singer.

(from http://www.celinedionpt.com)


New French Single On 30th August 2010

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Amazon.fr  has released the 30 seconds of  “voler“, a duet with singer Michel Sardou.

(Click on the named for listening)


Voler au-dessus des nuages
En-dessous les orage
Les hommes et leurs villages
Les hommes et leurs maisons
S’approcher et d’un ciel
Où nous n’irons ever

Voler en haut du mauvais temps
Au-dessus des rampants
Les femmes et les enfants
Les femmes et leurs passions
S’approcher et d’un ciel
Où nous n’irons ever

Voler to Moitié des étoiles
The vitesse idéale
Parfait sous un angle
S’approcher et d’un ciel
Où nous n’irons ever

Comme l’horizon if noie
Quand le haut et le bas
Signifient ne plus rien
Comme un oiseau of prohibited
Vers le cercle et la croix
Retrouver le terrain
Voler et enfin temper

Voler au-dessus des mirages
Des oiseaux of presages
Des mauvais et des sages
Des Mensonges et des vrais
S’approcher et du ciel
Où nous n’irons ever

Voler plus haut, encore plus haut
The s’en the brise les
A ne voir de l’eau that
The chercher de l’air frais
S’approcher et d’un ciel
Où nous n’irons ever

Voler to Moitié des étoiles
The vitesse idéale
Parfait sous un angle
S’approcher et d’un ciel
Où nous n’irons ever

“A Cause”: third single from D’Elles in France

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french single 2008

track list

  1. A cause (Album Version) 3’14
  2. A cause (Radio Edit) New Remix3’14
  3. Alone (Album Version) 3’23

download – A Cause (Radio Edit) Now… click here

read how to download page

New DVD 2010

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Through The Eyes Of The World

Taking Chances World Tour ….The Concert (Live in Boston and Montreal)

Welcome to Celine Dion’s Thailand Weblog

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Welcome to Celine Dion’s Official Thailand Weblog by WordPress.com. The best Celine Dion Weblog in Thailand.

Ticket for Celine’s concert in Malaysia on sale now!

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General tickets for Celine’s concert at the Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia (April 8, 2008) are on sale now! Celine’s fans will be able to
purchase here

Ticket Price: RM1,000, RM788, RM488, RM288, RM158

Taking Chances Pays Off For Celine Dion – World Tour Opens In South Africa And Plays To More Than 300000 Fans

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South Africa is presently hosting the country’s biggest concert tour ever by
a major international artist. Canadian superstar CELINE DION is currently on an
unprecedented nine city tour of the country playing to capacity crowds,
primarily in stadiums from coast to coast. She concludes her successful South
African journey with two outdoor performances in Johannesburg, on February 29
and March 1st.

Though Celine has been performing in her record-breaking
Las Vegas engagement for the past 5 years, it has been close to 10 years since
she has toured around the world. On her Taking Chances World tour, Celine will
visit many territories for the very first time, including this inaugural visit
to South Africa where she holds the record for being the country’s biggest
selling artist of all time.

Celine Dion has played to over 300 000 South
Africans who have been mesmerized by her incredible, new show. “Starting in
South Africa on my World Tour has been a fantastic experience and a perfect way
for my family and I to begin this new chapter on the road. It’s a wonderful
feeling to be back on tour and to be re-connecting with all of my fans around
the world.”

Immediately following this current leg, Celine continues
with performances in Japan, Korea, Australia, Malaysia and China. In May 2008
the tour moves to the UK, and Europe playing stadiums and arenas, and finally it
heads back across the ocean where Celine will open the North American leg of her
tour in Boston on August 12th.

Source: CelineDion.Com